Elephant Line
 Elephant Line 

Temple festival, Thrissur (Kerala), India

christine: Although we didn't get to see the ever-famous Thrissur Pooram, we were lucky enough to see a smaller similar type event also in Thrissur.

The events started in the temple grounds, where the elephants were on display with their extravagant gold headpieces and a few younger men stood on their backs with brightly coloured umbrellas. In front of them were the musicians, who played music on traditional instruments. It was around this time I noticed that a TV camera crew were on the scene and instead of filming the events were filming us!

They then walked the elephants out slowly from the temple and out across the road to an open field for proper lineup and display. That's where this shot is from. The ceremony didn't last too long, but the image of the day was burned into memory.
Canon EOS 10D: 70mm (112mm) f/6.3 1/400" ISO 100 Capture time: 2005-04-22 22:25:18

Christine - How do you size your photos for your blog? Mine load so slow compared to yours but your quality is perfect!!!

Posted by PShorten on August 2, 2006 at 9:29 AM

Hi, PShorten! A few things:

- about 85% - 87% JPEG compression seemed to be the best bang for the buck

- progressive JPEGs appear to load more quickly and actually do make most files slightly smaller

- each page actually loads the pictures on the
pages before and after, but with width and height=0 -- so while you are reading this, the previous and next images have already loaded into cache :)

Posted by Simon on August 2, 2006 at 9:56 AM

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