SuperStar Material
 SuperStar Material 

Jody Quine at the European Bakery, Vancouver
Submission for this week's Photo Friday theme, famous.

christine: We're not what you'd consider fans of "mainstream music". We tend to go beyond the top 40 and find amazing music that's surprisingly not struck it 'big' yet. We happened upon the group Balligomingo one day and grew to love each of their songs. One of the guest vocalists for the project was Ms. Jody Quine.

Sim immediately followed her weblog, as she moved from her native Calgary to our stomping grounds here in Vancouver. When she mentioned she was to perform locally, on the night we grabbed our cameras and headed to the venue. When we arrived there, we didn't realize that there would only be a handful of people there. We had built up in our minds that Jody was a superstar so you can imagine our surprise when we walked in and found her sipping a latte on the couch! We instantly struggled to redeem our egos by ordering some coffees and european snacks and sat down casually in the back corner like we would've come there anyway, regardless of who was performing that night. (Note: when you want to accomplish this goal, don't take along your huge 70-200mm Canon lens.)

When the singing began, I just cursed under my breath and pulled the camera out, big lens and all. The lighting wasn't that great and as a result we had quite a bit of noise to contend with.

Unable to ignore our l-series lens aiming their way, after their sets Jody and the others made their way over to our table and we were introduced to her and a few other artists in the room, including Vic Levak (who was a major contributor to the Balligomingo sound).

Since then, the sweet and fabulous Jody has been in touch with us, as we have been with her. We did a photo shoot for her and Vic in Gastown and in our studio, she invited us to her last birthday party, we caught her performance a few more times, and if I can get a handle on Macromedia Flash, I am going to finish for her a snazzy new website.

In the next month, a new music group called Sleepthief is releasing their first album, in which Jody sings in a few of the songs. The music sounds incredible, and I highly advise you all check it out. She's poised to make it big, we just know it. And when she does, we'll stick our noses in the air, sling our cameras over our shoulders like old pros, and say, "We're with the band!"
Canon EOS 10D: 200mm (320mm) f/2.8 1/25" ISO 1600 Capture time: 2004-05-03 19:58:33

Lovely soft image.

Posted by Aaron @ on April 28, 2006 at 6:14 AM

What an interesting story. Send me a sample of her music. You know I love music of all kinds.

Posted by Maria on May 7, 2006 at 4:01 PM

Great lighting effect. I enjoyed reading the story!

Posted by Jan on May 11, 2006 at 7:21 AM

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